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Have lived in California two times, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and unfortunately Georgia which was the biggest mistake I made as far as moving. IPs can be faked that is my speciality and location is most likely coming up exactly where I want it to.

JPG Lmao this is forshafowing Luna's future as a fast food worker since her "acting" and patreon are failing so spectacularily. Sexy naked sex positions. Luna lanie nude. No dumb cunt it's not delanie lol. Jessica's a slut and wants a lot of male attention even though she's in a "serious" relationshiplol.

Not sure if someone posted this already. Nose looks like it inhales some serious coca. This delusion is incredible. The outfit is from urban outfitters and no shop. Luna, you came here, we didn't force you to come here. Admins please do something before this entire forum goes to shit. Young brazilian lesbians. You can't even get a decent photographer to shoot your cheesy ass softcore porn. It's summer get outside losers get some exercise I'm guessing you must look like shit from being online constantly.

There's a reason she does voice acting and straight to photoshop modelling. Cosplay really has turned into something different. They must have been on good terms when Luna was following like 50k people and then fell off after Luna went on that huge unfollow spree and started shitting on other cosplayers. I'm sure they READ the thread but probably just sit back and laugh. What does actually hurt, though, is my brain. Also not trying to say I support any of them, just that they are all making way more money and gaining fans faster than Luna.

Typical nigri gets all heated because someone big called her out and a lot of us saw it and still do. This set is old. This is the most mental self whiteknigher in Lolcow history. Free milf outdoor porn. Maybe she was trying to get a replacement after Ryan gets stale. Like you people are losers for real get over yourselves you make no money you get impressed when a company gives you a t shirt lmfao. Her tiny little bimbo brain can't process it. Why can't you admit Luna mad salty at any other cosplayers in the ATL area because she wants all the spotlight for herself?

But let's not forget how you dated the most misogynistic piece of shit for 4 years on and off and would attack little teenage girls and harass them online because they were obsessed with your precious Ramos. Shes in Atlanta shooting another movie obviously directors love her which is more important than jelly bellys that post here.

That maybe juuuuust maybe, a lot of people's motivations aren't about being famous or whatever the fuck you think being "important" means? Saw her post, then saw Luna's reaction.

The iris girls like Kays friend Maddie who made most of Kay's cosplays. So either bs on the purse or bs on her goody goody donation act and she's just pulling that now to make herself look good.

I've been looking everywhere for her Periscope and Twitch vids.

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She was fine with what she had. Let alone moomoo, she has lately had way too much bulking to do.

But oh wait, you're not a cosplayer. Milf in bangalore. Men recognize cattiness the only people that will end up supporting you girls will be the ones that have to chose between donating to your shit pictures or their value meal at Arby's. Thats subpar work, also opt next time for fat transfers on the ass NEXT to glute and a lipo from tailbone. Delete Post [ File ] Password. Last made cosplay was ciri everything else was from costumes r us. IDK about Mariah given her track record.

He would never support or help her with taking pictures because he's the one that put a halt to her cosplaying in after dragoncon.

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I doubt most women would be flocking to buy makeup to make themselves look older than they actually are… nice try tho! That's the difference between someone with intelligence and a dumb fake bitch that basically spends all her money in plastic surgery and supporting a faggot. She's a dirty liar and the proof is in the thread. Is she an an artist? Here's a print worth 20 cents! Get over it you all tried to pull the racist card and that was so fucking funny considering the grounds where "boo she's using thot and ratchet" but no proof of racism.

Notice the random photos of black people and insulting Kay again. Luna lanie nude. Nude hiking in arizona. The Beauty Parlour is for women or not-women in the sphere of cosplay and the beauty industry that is not strictly limited to lolcows.

Correcting people lol like please go do something productive with your life. Either that, or you're pants on head retarded by replying to images that don't apply to what you're saying.

And unfortunately since people on here now and in the past have leaked photos that weren't for the public and even edited and altered photos everyone is paying the price. Nigri has sat at 1 mil FB followers and over k twitter followers for quite a while…Luna hasn't broken over k on any platform lmfao. You all were gloating that she was suspended. All these females do is post the same boring shit over and over. With that fat cow nigri who keeps promoting trash it's like give it up dumb bitch.

You know who was a legitimate model was lyz b go look at her nudes on tumblr absolutely gorgeous and at least she cosplays. The reality is a horror show. But i was under the impression the more deformed you are the more popular a cosplayer. Belly nude dance video. But let's not forget how you dated the most misogynistic piece of shit for 4 years on and off and would attack little teenage girls and harass them online because they were obsessed with your precious Ramos.

No one listens to a group of ugly girls that fuck a bunch of fans or comic book owners just to sell prints at a convention lol.

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Porn shy lesbian Luna must be pretty fucking damaged, these continuing all-out tardrages against other soft porn models who are probably more successful than her are kinda scary.
David taylor nude Girls who aren't gifted and Luna's not only beautiful but she's a damn sweet person. There are apps that delete, follow and even like posts I wouldn't put too much stock into anything on social media since it just another marketing tool. I think a lot is based on your sales model.
Big brother hot nude Only girls with low self esteem get em. You are getting sloppy and Nigri following her ex was just the petty shit I would expect from someone in high school not a 30 year old.
Uzumaki naruto naked Also lmao what are these proportions?
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