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Get over it she's moved on from high school stop making stupid posts because she didn't want to talk to you or associate with you.

Nice try though but you all are still low tier porn creators without real popularity lmfao. Sure, free publicity, but it isn't good publicity. Saggy german tits. Go back to eating Asian sperm fatass no one cares about your turtle looking face and going to a convention known for being a lame anime convention isn't something anyone but white trash Nigs lover would brag about. Pretty sure she was heavier during this time you say she sucked dick for Coke lol. Kay bear naked. Nigri and maybe half of the cosplayers out there have the cheapest boob jobs.

So if Vamp does awful horror movies is that cringe worthy. Not even in her radar. No one cares, you people are the ones who like batshit nuts and stop thinking pasting words over a picture indicate that person wrote them. Then she closed on a condo in Malibu so I doubt she cares about a bunch of white trash fatties that rent and fuck faggots.

You must like men or flat chested monkeys if you think that nips look like headlights. But of course, it can't possibly be Luna posting here…even though it really isn't much better that she just tells all her little twat minions what to post here FOR HER. Naked on stage porn. He's the stereotypical tryhard fan who thinks these cost hits are"friends" with him when they irl lol at him behind his back.

How fucking dense can you be? No one is fooled by maybe 2 people constantly pretending to be a bunch of different people and who the fuck cares about girls hating other girls lol. I put hours of time and passion into my work and while I go to school full time, acquiring the time and funds to create costumes and props can be scarce.

And the pic on the right looks like how people wear their hair while their washing their face to keep their hair out of the way also a VERY who-ville face. Johannes Roberts' Demonic original title Forsaken Forest [9] [10].

Fucking gay ass twinks. Case in point your post here: Im here demonstrating what we as americans like to call civil liberties.

You are the only one who continuously fills these threads with your blind hatred for these people. Maybe the crazy bitch is finally getting therapy. And that's really saying something. Nothing in that comment said anything remotely close to slut shaming. You know straight to you tube kind and weren't you making fun of "cosplayers" like that. It wouldn't be any surprise. Nude peta pics. She thinks if she slaps "artistic" infront of her tacky low res nudes that it gives her the moral high ground over these chicks she's obsessed over.

When are sets released? And while we're on that topic, you think just because you don't someone specific on twitter that means you aren't talking shit? But loonie still warps the FUCK out of her photos and still has gotten loads of cosmetic work done.

Seriously why does Luna continue to name drop all these random people no one even knows when white knighting herself?

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When they tried to act like they're above it all, THAT is when they reach trash level. Pinay nude model. If you had the brainpower to read and process what goes on in the thread you can see that luna herself constantly brings nigiri up to shit on her. Primarily, the younglings that will grow into this trend. This minute chiller was itself named 'Best Film'.

Cons are still paying for her to attend. She looks like 5 feet so that's an unhealthy amount in a short period of time. And the "Luna is more popular! At least she'll be near better cosmetic surgeons, afterall.

Last I heard Luna was in a three week vacation in California. Kay bear naked. I really feel sorry but she's past the point of saving. Shitty lighting and the writing looks like someone slapped it on in MS paint.

If that cockeyed nip pic is fake, then you'd jump at the chance to prove It by posting the original. We don't even know half the people you randomly post or claim are posting here. Nude women and pets. You really need to stop deflecting about buying likes since your quawn does it on every post on Instagram YouTube.

She knows she outed herself. In other words don't believe everything you see or read, that even goes for people not in the public eye. I was morbidly curious if she had vag shots. Welcome to the show. This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat I will always stand by her since the bullying and when she posted this website to her fb.

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Archived from the original on 27 March She should have gotten that fixed instead of inflating her lips. She also has celebrity friends she met from being followers. It seemed pretty clear to me that the post I responded to was MooMoo because she referred to herself or apparently not herself, according to you as Mariah Mallad, which no one does on here. 40 milf plus. Her face in the left pic reminds me of old washed up alcoholic porn stars faces, like the girls you see in the subway in NYC at 7am who are frequent walk of shamers.

I only came into Loonie's thread due to the sheer gross amount of posting, which usually indicates milk. That would fuck a girl up especially if they got too familiar if you know what I mean winky face. We all now who posted the OG thread. Unless you are diligently documenting for tax purposes and saving every single penny you're making online right now to either fund your way through college or trade school or buy some property… You are wasting your formative years.

Especially since there's proof of you admitting to it here.

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Pretty sure Luna gave all her Pink Shitty stuff away its so poorly made lol. You really need to stop deflecting about buying likes since your quawn does it on every post on Instagram YouTube.

Hey Kay did you met him at the strip club like your mom met all your daddies and uncles? You all know she has more power and clout than you but you still obsess on a cunt board.

I would be upset too. Also Vamp looks way better than her so guess she'll start shit talking her looks now too. Do people have sex at nude beaches. I don't understand half of what you just typed and I have a sneaking suspicion that you may think I am someone else - or at least way more informed in your dramu than I actually am.

This bitch lost it. Not always, but she did a lot of themed shoots on her trips. Cuz there's nothing I see that appears to be a meltdown for her…. Give people real facts because you sound like a psycho.

You gave a great idea though about starting a thread but as you said they are nobody's and the attention they seek on an anon board is all they'll ever have.

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